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The Inertia

We are lucky to have several mountain ranges in France. The Alps stand as the Mecca of skiing and mountaineering in Europe, but the Pyrenees can certainly hold their own quite well.

Living in the southwest of France, I feel like I have a massive playground right in my backyard. So I took a one-day trip with friends, exploring Gavarnie and summitting Taillon using a relatively easy three-kilometer trail. The panoramic view at the peak was superb, to say the least.

There’s still snow here in June, so some of the passes are a bit delicate – especially the waterfall before the Col des Sarradets. From Col des Sarradets we were given a splendid view of the Cirque of Gavarnie and La Brèche de Roland. The waterfall of Gavarnie is the biggest in France and easily one of the most impressive sights in all of Europe, at 422 meters tall.

All in a good day’s hike. Enjoy this photo tour. And check out the video, below.


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