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We drive down the road. We drive, drive, drive… The surf is looking flat, and Jeremy rolls down his window in the back. He knows what he did. Releasing noxious fumes. At least he admitted it.

We left New York a few hours prior to head north to Rhode Island. We had high hopes for surf, but our first spot check revealed micro-lines. When it’s that flat, I can’t help but think of micro-surfers drawing lines and surfing 6-inch waves as if it’s double overhead. One can dream, right? We are on a road trip. A chance to escape the daily grind. There’s not much time for us, but it’s enough. Two or three days, and we will be back in our apartments, our commutes, our jobs, and our routines. All you need is just a few days.

We keep driving. The waves don’t show. Waves are never guaranteed on a road trip, especially one coming from New York. So we had two choices: be bummed about the lack of surf, or make the most of our time away.


As I see it, a good time all depends on you and who you surround yourself with. The first and most important rule of a road trip, pick your crew. Pick them well. What follows are some tips for the urban surfer. I can’t guarantee these tips will help you find happiness, enlightenment, a sense of self worth, or even waves. But, if you follow some of these tips, you’re bound to have a good time.

All photos by Forest Woodward. Check him out on Facebook.

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