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This is one of the best parts of “the job.” In fact, it’s so special to the family here at The Inertia that it makes coming into an office not feel like a job at all. Everyday we are flooded with images from around the world that sweep us away. They come from every corner of the globe on behalf of some incredibly talented people just eager to share their beautiful perspectives with us all.

Surf photography isn’t always the most lucrative pursuit, but it’s certainly one filled with passion. And because of that we’re gifted with moments that take us back to this morning’s best wave, or instantly transport us to a place where we cannot wait to find the next one. These images, just like so many others that came across our desks this past month, all gave us that same excitement and rejuvenation. So as always, much love and many thanks to all the talented folks out there who so graciously share their most beautiful moments with the rest of us.


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