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Remember when everybody was freaking out about the “Biggest Cloudbreak Ever”? Yeah, we almost forgot about that, too. Well, not really. We didn’t forget it at all, the point we’re trying to make here is just that it was now almost a full two months ago when we last saw one of those swell of the decade-type events…and then July happened. If you’ve checked social media, opened up a magazine, or logged into a single website that covers surf at any point these past two weeks then you know the Indian Ocean basically just took late May’s South Pacific party and said: “Hold my beer.” It made July 2018 one for the books.

We started out with the Tour at JBay. In the states, we celebrated the birth of our nation as we always do. Even Teahupo’o clocked in for a little taste of its annual moment in the spotlight. But still, our feeds and yours were filled with gems at Padang Padang, Ulu’s…it was a magical run for anybody lucky enough to get a piece of it all. And one we soon won’t forget. Here are a handful of images from around the world, many shared from our amazing community of 2,000+ contributors, that made up a pretty amazing July.

Editor’s Note: If you would like to contribute to The Inertia, please send us an email. For photographers, please include a link to your work, and if you’d like to submit a gallery it’s best to send twenty captioned images sized at 1200 x 695 px. Please include a brief bio, a headshot, and any relevant social media handles where you share your work. 



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