The Inertia

Alaska is beautiful and gnarly and big… while being so inviting, good, and rewarding for those who trek onto the slopes in search of powdery turns and landings. For many many years I was traveling with the Absinthe and Burton film crews as they documented freestyle snowboarding in southeast Alaska out of a small town called Haines.

The Adventure Capitol of Alaska, as some say, lives up to the name one-hundred percent of the time, as 2,500 residents sit comfortably alongside Portage Cove, nestled in close proximity to the Takinsha, Takshanuk, Coast Mountains and Chilkat Range. One of those places that would keep you busy everyday of the year for your entire life exploring the waterways and mountain ranges of this area

I looked through a few years of riding and shooting photos in the Chilkat Range and pulled out some of my favorites for you today. Powder turns, mountain peaks, jumping and riders, and you’ll see a couple images of the helicopter, our metal bird that provided the lift to all these tall peaks, and our safe return at day’s end.

For those of you seeking adventure into the snow filled backcountry, please use knowledgeable guides, safety equipment and have a plan, you can’t mess around by taking safety for granted, maximum respect to Mother Nature at all times. Enjoy the flicks!


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