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The Inertia

Jason Charles Hill is a man who knows exactly how he wants to live, and he won’t let anything get in his way. He’s done an incredible job of making that life happen, but, as is the case with anything worth doing, it wasn’t always easy. Hill used to sit behind a desk at an office from nine to five. His paychecks came in regularly and he knew he’d have a job the next day. It was stable. It was predictable. It was safe. But the safe path wasn’t for him.

“There was just something I’d lost along the way,” he says in the branded content video produced for Mercedes-Benz. “Every day, driving to the office. Thinking, ‘this isn’t me. This isn’t what I want to do. I was drifting.'” Jason Charles Hill gave it all up to pursue his dreams, and now, he travels the world for a living, taking pictures along the way.

Kalum Ko, the man behind the film you see above, followed the Australian photographer on his latest trip in a Mercedes Benz G-Class (it’s branded content, after all) through Patagonia. It’s a look into a life worth living—and a look into a life built on a foundation of passion.


See more from Jason Charles Hill on his website, Instagram, and Facebook. See more from Kalum Ko on his website, Instagram, and Vimeo.


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