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The Inertia

I took these photos in the Himalayas of Nepal two years ago on the way to the Everest Base Camp. Now I’m selling select photos as prints in an effort to raise money for the organizations and charities working in Nepal. Proceeds go to relief following this terrible earthquake.

It’s easy to help. You’ll find the prints here: HIMALAYA.

I already made the first donation, it went to Spark Children Home, the one that Ashes Dangol runs. He is a friend of a friend and will use the money wisely.

Spark Children Home and family says thanks for the donation.

Spark Children Home and family says thanks for the donation.

If fact, they already responded and even sent a beautiful “thank you” letter:


Everyone around the world stood still when they heard the news of Nepal being shaken into such destruction. Our lovely home filled with 13 beautiful children got affected by this unforgiving act of nature. However our children are the very strength of pillar who even with all the tremors and being displaced from their home at Spark haven’t had their morals and positivity shaken off.
As much as the children are responsible and can take care of each other, they are still children and need constant guidance and during this time my friends and I have been taking care of them.

That is one type of support I can provide from being here in Nepal. The constant motivation that you send our way and the financial support that you provide is something that will help us rebuild and renovate the damaged spark building. Without your generosity and love it will be difficult to provide our children a safe roof over their heads. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you for the thought and generosity. During this time you have provided us with the much needed financial support to give spark a new start and a safe future.

Love and warm hugs,

Spark Children Home and family

Please, consider buying these photo prints, or find your own way to help Nepal. It’s closer than it might look.

Never Ending Peace And Love (NEPAL)… this is how they encode the name of the country.

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