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Shaun White is unloading his Malibu compound. In the last few years, the Olympic gold medalist has become something of a real estate magnate—back in 2017, he sold his house in the Hollywood Hills for $6.7 million and a penthouse in Manhattan for $2.8 million. Now, a few years on, he’s put his side-by-side Malibu homes on the market, and the asking price is not exactly cheap: $12,750,000 and $14,500,000 for a combined total of $27.3 million.

White bought the pair of properties in Point Dume — the neighborhood of Malibu that the most elite of the rich and famous call home — back in 2013 and 2016. He paid a little shy of $20 million for them.

They’re not the only places he owns in Los Angeles, either. Also in his pocket are the keys to a $1.6 million Laurel Canyon home and another one worth $3.7 million in Outpost Estates. See what being insanely good at action sports can get you?


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