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Even when it lacks color, surfing and mountain pursuits are still beautiful in their starkness. When color is subtracted, a certain emphasis is added to the lines and shapes that make a life in the water or the mountains stand out. This year’s Black and White submissions to The Inertia Film & Photo Challenge 2021 presented by White Claw were stellar in artistic quality and photographic vision. It was tough to choose the final eight.

With nearly 1,000 submissions (916 total, to be exact) featuring picture-perfect barrels and overhead views of the ocean, we were floored by the creativity and talent. Narrowing the field down to a final eight was an imperfect, subjective, and painstaking process; Certainly, there were submissions that a different set of eyes might have viewed as winners; so we humbly submit this batch of finalists acknowledging the task of determining a winner is a fool’s errand. But we committed to it, so we’re seeing it through and excited to dish out $1,000 cash to the winning photographer. We will announce the winners on March 15, 2021.

Without further ado, here are eight finalists in the Black and White category in The Inertia’s Film & Photo Challenge 2021 presented by White Claw.

Congratulations to all who participated, and best of luck to the finalists.

Finalists (in no particular order)

 *The Inertia inadvertently mis-credited Tanner Olthoff’s stellar Maverick’s image. We regret the error.

1. Travis Payne at Mavs by @tannerolthoff*
2. Gliding in Style by @migueltiteca
3. Nirvana by @jorgegarcia.photo
4. Marine Layer and Wildfire Smoke by Brian C.
5. Glide by @Zach_jphotos
6. Nathan Florence out running Peahi by @aaronlynton
7. Paddle for Peace by @richardrangelphoto
8. Launched by Pipeline by @kate.e.powell

Editor’s Note: Finalists have been selected by The Inertia editorial team. Winners will be selected by averaging the scores of three judging groups: The Inertia editorial team, a jury of esteemed photographers and cinematographers, and public vote via Instagram


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