Tahiti Bodysurfing

Happy place? I think so. Photo: PK Duncan

The Inertia

I recently traveled to Tahiti in hopes of capturing gorgeous footage for an upcoming video project with a pro bodysurfer. Turns out, I also received the Sanuk Brumeister Mesh sandals for a product review at The Inertia, which coincided perfectly with my trip. My itinerary looked something like this: Capture flawless waves with the waterhousing. Bodysurf. Break in some slippahs. Eat, drink, be merry during said outing. Report findings. I like this to-do list. This the happy place to-do list.

After hopping off the plane, I slipped the dogs into my squishy Sanuk Brumeister Mesh sandals, and my buddy and I boarded a plastic boat to set out in search of heavy barreling rights. Luckily, we didn’t have to travel far. Fins and rash guard ready to go, camera housing all set up, my friend and I drifted out from the boat to the break right beside Teahupoo. Crystal blue frames ensued.

Although we each only packed a backpack full of clothes (and of course my camera gear) we weren’t thinking about anything else in our lives besides the things directly in front of us. We were living in a one-bedroom cabana. I had one pair of sandals, minimal food, and more bodysurfing gear than we knew what to do with. Although we might have been missing some necessities, my camera gear, boardshorts, and sandals were all I needed for the seven-day journey. You know what they say: Simplify.

We walked for hours around town – meeting locals and travelers, opting into traditional fresh-caught fish dinners with new friends. After all, I had to test these puppies out via late night wanderings with Bintangs and fetching meals. Luckily, the Brumeisters held their ground and got me from point A to point B throughout the entire trip without a single ache or pain. I went to sleep exhausted each night.


These foot muffins got me ’round town just fine.

Tahiti had the bluest water I’d ever seen in my life. It also had some of the most consistent waves I’d seen. I could have stayed for years. Bodysurfing and photographing perfect waves for the rest of my life, living in a small cabana rolled up in a hammock while playing guitar in only my boardies and rocking squishy pillow sandals on my feet was alright by me.

Sounds like a shitty time, huh? This was the most epic location I’d ever seen with my own two eyes, and although I had a minimal smorgasbord of items in tow, I was stoked just to be there. Waking up with fresh baguettes in the morning was of course, a plus.

Although getting to this secluded island eight hours from LAX wasn’t the cheapest option in the world, by the time we left Tahiti I had spent a whopping $200 total on the trip. We walked our gear to the airport, 2.5 miles away, just because we could. Who needs a taxi when you have light gear, a beautiful scenic view, and some cloud-like squishers on your feet? Get out and find your happy place because I’ve already located mine.

And if you’re in need of some foot muffins, you can check out Sanuk’s website for more info. They retail at $45.

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored by our friends at Sanuk.  Check out our recent collab, The Graduate Starring Kiana Fores right herrrrre.


We left plenty of time to bodysurf. Photo: PK Duncan

Sometimes, you have to take them off, though.

Sometimes, you have to take them off, though.


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