Photo: Dakine

Photo: Dakine

The Inertia

Flying with skis and snowboards can be tricky. Planes and airport baggage transport systems aren’t generally designed with two meter planks of wood and metal in mind, a fact some airlines love to take advantage of, charging sneaky extra fees on top of the ticket price just to transport your beloved shredsticks.

Photo: Dakine

Photo: Dakine

To help combat this airborne greed, the experts at LUEX Snow Travel have compiled a list* of every airline flying to every ski and snowboard destination you can think of, allowing you to easily compare prices when planning your next trip to the snow.

*The full list is available on LUEX Magazine.

To get the most out of the list, first use an online flight comparison tool like Skyscanner to check which airlines fly to your destination of choice, then simply use the drop down menu or search bar to find the airlines you’re interested in.

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Author’s Note: While all information is correct at the time of publication, airlines can change their regulations at any time. Use the information in the list as a guide, but double check before booking your flight.


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