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In the backcountry, proper layering techniques are imperative – the basis for which is established by your aptly-named baselayer. Baselayers wick away sweat and moisture while providing insulation and heat retention. They’re designed to work hard while you hardly notice they’re there.

Now, a European company called FLOA plans to do the tried and true baselayer one better by specifically designing a system that keeps you warmer, drier, and compresses around key muscle groups to mitigate fatigue.

“This innovative new baselayer is aimed at skiers and snowboarders who are passionate about off-piste, like to venture away from the marked ski runs and want to perform at a high level in backcountry environments,” explains the company’s recently launched Kickstarter campaign. “The Backcountry Baselayer… uses mapped compression and targeted ventilation that is designed to keep you warm and dry while hiking up, whatever the weather, and provide you with power and support for your ride down.”


The most interesting bit of FLOA’s new baselayer system is its use of compression, claiming it “helps increase blood circulation and alleviate muscle fatigue.” It’s highly engineered to “create a self-ventilating microclimate” through strategically placed “cooling channels.”

FLOA isn’t the first company to attempt to revolutionize the humble baselayer. Patagonia’s proprietary Capilene fabric and the North Face’s Thermolite fabric are just a few examples of outdoor industry heavy hitters putting considerable funds into research and development for technical wear. Still, with 19 days to go on their Kickstarter campaign FLOA has already raised $18,000 from backers hoping to get their hands on their Backcountry Baselayer.

Check out FLOA’s Kickstarter campaign here.



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