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Camping Gear for Couples

A couples camping trip can be the perfect escape from reality with your significant other. Photo: Ali Diaz // Unsplash.

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There’s really nothing better than getting to spend some time outside away from daily life with your significant other. Solo camping is a great way to get some space for yourself and contemplate. Group camping can be loads of fun too. But sharing the outdoors and its endless fascinations with the person that you love is truly special. And while sitting across a campfire is romantic and all, wouldn’t you rather be sitting next to each other on a loveseat? Or falling asleep in the same sleeping bag rather than awkwardly holding hands from separate cocoons?

Thankfully, there’s plenty of gear out there to make the couples camping experience a whole lot more fun and intimate, like double sleeping bags and loveseat camp chairs. He, we rounded up the best camping gear for couples, to help you get even closer to your loved one while enjoying the great outdoors.

What Is the Best Camping Gear for Couples?

Kelty Tru Comfort Doublewide 20 Sleeping Bag ($209)
Exped DeepSleep Mat 7.5 Duo ($280-310)
Kelty Low Loveseat ($139)
Kelty Biggie Blanket ($50)
Kelty Late Start Tent ($159)
Quechua 2-Person, 14-Piece Camp Cookset ($45)
Coleman Triton Propane 2-Burner Stove ($90)
Camco Little Red Firepit ($199)

Kelty Doublewide sleeping bag

Kelty Tru Comfort Doublewide 20 Sleeping Bag ($209)

Kelty’s Tru Comfort Doublewide sleeping bag has all of the features you need to get a great night’s sleep – or not – with your significant other in the wilderness. The bag is rated down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but also has two built-in blankets and zippered foot vents so both you and your partner can customize your sleeping temperature. And for the gram-counters out there, this double bag is lighter and more compact than packing two sleeping bags and zipping them together, so if you’re on a couples backpacking trip you really couldn’t be making a better decision than to invest in one of these.

Check Price on MooseJaw and Evo.

Exped Deep Sleep Duo

Exped DeepSleep Mat 7.5 Duo ($280-310)

No double sleeping bag is complete without a double camping pad. Honestly, if I had to choose between the two I’d probably go with the double camping pad. In any case, you can’t beat an Exped for comfort. This three-inch thick pad has luxurious car-camping experience written all over it, and with an R-value of 8.5, this thing is ready for just about any cold weather adventure you can dream of. Just don’t expect it to be a lightweight backpacking item – it’s packable, but weighs about seven to nine pounds depending on which size you choose – medium double or long/wide double for taller or more spread-out sleepers.

Check Price on REI and Moosejaw.

Kelty Loveseat Low

Kelty Low Loveseat ($139)

Very few things in this world are better than snuggling in front of a fire with your loved one, and there’s something special about taking that experience outdoors. The Kelty Low Loveseat makes that possible and more. Its double-wide design lets two people get cozy instead of awkwardly holding hands from separate chairs. It’s like a couch, but for camping.

Check Price on REI and Amazon.

Kelty Biggie Blanket

Kelty Biggie Blanket ($50)

No couples camping trip is complete without a good blanket. Perfect for picnics, as an extra layer for cold nights, or getting cozy by the fire, a good blanket can do it all. The Biggie Blanket from Kelty takes the concept of a good blanket to the next level. With Cloudloft synthetic insulation and a soft outer lining, this blanket is ready to take to the beach, music festivals, and camping anywhere. This is the kind of gear essential that lives in the back of your car, ready to go whenever you need it.

Check Price on Backcountry and Amazon.

Kelty Late Start Tent

Kelty Late Start Tent ($159)

Let the rest of the squad wake up early and take a hike, while you and your partner snuggle down and wait for the sun to hit. The Kelty Late Start Tent is made for easy setup, easy takedown, and adapting to whatever the weather might throw at you. With a three-season rating, this tent can take you most anywhere in the world, year round, though it might get a little cold if you plan on snow camping. The rain fly provides some extra space for stashing gear outside the tent, and at 40-inches tall there’s plenty of room to hang out.

Check Price on Backcountry and REI.

Quechua Cookset

Quechua 2-Person, 14-Piece Camp Cookset ($45)

Decathlon is known for making great, affordable camping gear that covers all the bases, and the Quechua Cookset is no exception. Coming with a full set of plates, mugs, and utensils for two people as well as a pot and frying pan, you don’t need much more than this to whip up a tasty meal in the outdoors.

Check Price on Decathlon.

Coleman Triton Stove

Coleman Triton Propane Two-Burner Stove ($90)

Speaking of things you need to whip up a tasty meal in the outdoors, a good camp stove is one of them, and when it comes to camp stoves, it’s hard to beat Coleman. The Triton two-burner stove is a modern update on the classic design with a wide cook range to fit a 10- and 12-inch pan simultaneously, wind shields, and a built-in handle for easy carrying.

Check Price on REI and Amazon.

Little Red Campfire

Camco Little Red Firepit ($199)

While it might not classify as a gear essential, per se, a small campfire can do a lot to elevate the couples camping experience. And if you find yourself in a state with confusing fire restrictions, it can often be easier to just play it safe and go with the “fake” campfire over a real one. The Little Red Firepit from Camco is supremely portable with a cover and carry handle, just add a propane tank and let the cozy vibes ignite.

Check Price on Amazon.

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