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Black Diamond wins April Fools’ Day. Sorry to the other brands that put in a solid effort. After developing the HonnSolo 11 free soloing airbag pack, then a run of heated chalk bags, Black Diamond’s latest gag product (that’s actually truly available here) may be their best yet: an Alex Honnold signature spatula.

If you watched Free Solo you know that Honnold is strangely averse to using a fork and knife when camping in his van around Yosemite. Why bring multiple tools when you can both cook and eat with one, apparently? Well, Honnold’s sponsor picked up on this idiosyncrasy and together with the world’s most accomplished free soloist decided that Honnold’s spatula quiver needed a serious upgrade.

The video above made us chuckle until we navigated to BD’s site to find the spatula is available to purchase for a mere 15 bucks. Here’s the skinny according to BD:


“Built in collaboration with BD Athlete Alex Honnold to handle any climber’s cookout, whether you’re in sub-zero temps, gearing up for a winter expedition, or flipping pancakes on a portaledge, the Honnold Signature Spatula gets it done in style. The Alex Honnold Signature Spatula features a flex-tapered asymmetrical blade that intuitively molds to the shape of any cooking pan, slips under a portaledge pancake with ease, and maneuvers whipped batters, liquids, and, of course, Honnold’s pre-sending staple: scrambled eggs. Lightweight, yet sturdy, the Honnold Spatula has a comfortable, grippy, soft-touch handle that’s ergonomic and features Honnold’s iconic signature. Plus, 100% of proceeds go to the Honnold Foundation, which supports solar energy for a more equitable world.”

Well done, Black Diamond. Well done.



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