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And...dad probably wouldn't be bummed to receive a customized knife for Father's Day. Photo: Deejo

And…dad probably wouldn’t be bummed to receive a customized knife for Father’s Day. Photo: Deejo

The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This feature is presented by Deejo, a lifestyle and design knife brand that allows you to customize and tattoo your own knife on its online platform MyDeejo. Learn and customize your own knife here.

Customization is underrated. Whether it’s monogrammed towels, a pen with your name on it, or vanity plates that sing your catchphrase to every vehicle a few bumpers-lengths away, it’s nice to have a personal stamp on your possessions. Justifiable or not, it evokes pride in ownership. (I saw the best vanity plate ever last week. It read “2 YOUTS.” That vehicle could cut me off day and night, and I’d nod with a My Cousin Vinnie smile every time.) Sure, things are just things, but, it kinda feels like a hug when you pick up something infused with your own identity. Such is the case with a Deejo knife that recently crossed our desk.

We had an opportunity to test out Deejo’s nifty custom knife-builder website that allows you to put your own personal spin the everyday carry companion. And there are a lot of options. Whether you’re a rocker, writer, or ocean lover, you can choose a custom graphic that’s tattoed on the blade. There are more than 60 illustrations available. I opted for the feather. It felt like the right choice.

Custom Deejo Pocket Knife

I did pretty well, huh? From the moment I hit order on this custom build, it arrived at the office two days later. Photo: The Inertia

You can also choose the color and material of the handle with different types of wood as well as the weight and finish of the blade. And for the ultimate personal touch, you can engrave a phrase, word, or your initials (or the recipient’s) on the knife’s handle. Our suggestion: less is more. Beauty in brevity. But you do you, boo.


I ordered the 37-gram version of the customizable Deejo knife, which is 20.5 centimeters open and 11 centimeters closed. The smallest version is about half the size at 12.5 centimeters open and seven centimeters closed.

The knife ranges in price from $24.90 at the smallest size without customization to $79.90 at 37 grams with all the tricked out customizations. Possibly the coolest thing about it, though, is that two days after we hit order on their platform, the custom knife arrived at our doorstep. Impressive. So if you’re hunting for a Father’s Day gift for a dad with a knife fetish, you may want to give Deejo a gander.

Rockers? We know you can be pick-y. HA.

Rockers? We know you can be pick-y. HA. Photo: Deejo

Writers? Time to gouge the keyboard. Ha. Photo: Deejo



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