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thread and imperial motion every day carry essential collaboration wallet and keys

Thread Vertical Wallet and Keychain in IM’s Camo and X-PAC Ripstop Fabric. Photo: Thread

The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This feature is supported by Thread and Imperial Motion

Some things just go together, like milk and cookies, Santa and Christmas, or wallets and keys. We all use that that last part during out daily routines. Being a surfer, especially in Northern California, I have a lot of “things” when I leave my apartment. First, the essentials – one (or two) surfboards, a wetsuit, booties, hot water jug, regular water jug, surf poncho… Then there’s the wax, sunscreen, the extra fins, the ding repair kit, extra socks, so finding ways to carry them together goes a long way towards making all the gear easier to handle. A well-organized backpack for the smaller items, an Ikea bag for the larger ones and a wallet/keychain combo. Of all the ‘essential’ items, wallet and keys are top priority, used often and lost even more often, so I like to just stick the two of these together. The jingling keys makes my wallet easier to hear, and the wallet makes my keys easier to see.

Recently I’ve been trying out the Thread and Imperial Motion wallet and keychain combo. The perfect gift for the surfer in your life or anyone on the go, this box set features Thread’s ever popular Vertical Wallet and Keychain Clip produced in Imperial Motion’s camo print and durable X-PAC ripstop fabric. The sleek minimalist design of the wallet and easy-to-use keychain clip provide some unification to two of my every day carry essentials. The Thread Vertical Wallet can securely hold two to eight cards plus cash, has a keyring to attach keys or a lanyard, and the center pocket is RFID blocking. The sturdy keychain has a durable keyring and easy-to-use, but secure clip – perfect for attaching to a backpack, bag or belt loop. Clip the two together, clip the combo to something else, and you’ll never lose your keys or wallet again.

Note the stylin’ keychain front and center. Photo: Thread/Murf Electric Bikes

Here’s something else to keep an eye on. To promote this collaboration, Thread and Imperial Motion have teamed up with Murf Electric Bikes to give away a fully equipped 52-volt Fat Pax Step-Thru e bike along with $500 each to shop the IM and Thread websites. To enter, simply sign up here. The winner will be announced December 18.


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