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T3 Hike – cushy and breathable. Photo: WORN Socks

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Editor’s Note: This feature is supported by WORN.

Recently, I received some WORN Socks to test. WORN believes socks are a piece of technical equipment, and should be tailored to the activity they’re being used for. You wouldn’t wear the same socks to go trail running as you would to go skiing, right? Each line of WORN socks are crafted with different materials and specific features depending on the intended activity. Ski socks? Extra cushion and warmth. Running? A little bit of cushion, 360 degree arch support, and supreme breathability to moderate climate and keep your feet dry. Each pair I tested were made of WORN’s Arrowool, a technically advanced Merino Wool material made to be softer, stronger, and more moisture-wicking than traditional Merino Wool. Furthermore, Arrowool itself lasts four times longer than a regular cotton sock, in part because Arrowool doesn’t lose it’s shape, or wear thin in high-impact areas, refitting after every wash cycle.

T3 Hike in Boot Height

A problem I’ve always had with hiking socks has been breathability. The classic grey, thickly-woven hiking socks that have been around since my parents were pairing them with all-leather hiking boots still seem to be the standard today, and while they’re cushy and last long, they don’t breathe well. The T3 Hike Socks are WORN’s updated version of that classic sock, knit with targeted cushion to keep you going for over 1,000 miles. To make sure they wouldn’t be too warm, especially with the boot cut, I gave them a pretty intense test run, skating down the San Francisco hill I live on and hiking back up. When I came puffing up the hill my feet were the least sweaty part of my body. Score one for breathability!

T3 Ankle

Similarly, the T3 Ankle socks were the perfect running companions. Exceedingly light and breathable with arch support and cushion for high-impact activities. Paired with a good pair of trail-running sneakers, I felt like I was floating instead of running.


Ultra Soft Sunday

The Ultra Soft Sundays I had to save for Sunday. They were very comfortable, light and fashionable, perfect for a walk in the park, or just keeping my feet warm around the apartment.

Everyday Enhanced

That being said, the most comfortable sock of the bunch, (and perhaps the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn) were the Everyday Enhanced. Warm, but surprisingly light and definitely not bulky, my feet were cozy and cool at the same time, a rare combination. On my feet all day at the surf shop I work at, the targeted heel cushion was an added bonus.

As another added bonus, all of the socks come with a one year WORN Absolute Warranty, a rarity in the sock world. Still not sold? Use the promo code ‘INERTIA2021’ and get 20 percent off your WORN order. The perfect stocking stuffer as the holiday season comes around, these are the type of socks your loved ones will be stoked to unwrap this winter.

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