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God bless the aspiring surf photographers among us. How anyone could look at pumping surf as a perfect opportunity to sit in the channel and take pictures of their friends getting the waves of their lives without selfishly wanting a piece of the action for themselves I’ll never know. Still, it seems these days there are more and more guys and gals willing to do just that. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it’s easier than ever to share photos on Instagram and the like. Or, maybe that everyone walks around with a camera in their pocket anyway nowadays (that is to say a smartphone), so using it to take photos of surfing is just a natural extension.

The only problem with getting into surf photography – especially from the water – is equipment is expensive. A basic camera, lens, and housing setup could cost you upwards of a couple grand at least.

Given the constantly improving quality of phone cameras, turning your smartphone into the perfect surf photography rig might be a better option – especially for your wallet.


Enter Outex. The company known for making light modular rubber housings for DSLRs recently launched a kit for smartphones that tops out at 100 bucks. And for the discerning phone photographer, there are a handful of other interesting mods you can add to fit your preferences – a dome lens, a pistol grip, etc.

Pretty rad.


For more information check out the campaign on Kickstarter here.


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