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The Inertia

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There’s a lot of different types of Onewheel riders. Some people use them for transportation, while others approach their Onewheels with the passion of a sport. In the latter case, it’s either their main thing, or it supplements another deeper action-sport, like snowboarding, surfing, or riding dirt bikes. 

The Onewheel GT S-Series is made for those folks who have dialed in their riding and are ready for the next level of progression. Setting all barriers aside, the Onewheel team engineered the S-Series to be the strongest, rowdiest, most powerful offering they’ve created to date.

“Basically,” Onewheel’s Founder and CEO, Kyle Doerksen, summed up, “this is the first time we were like: ‘Let’s just make the most awesome one we can — sparing no expense.’”

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Photo: Onewheel

The Perfect Proving Grounds

Based in Santa Cruz, California, Onewheel has over the past decade completely redefined what it means to get from point A to B. Along the way, they’ve dropped numerous models aimed at different types of consumers, but with the S-Series, they’re finally going after the most serious shredders and land riders. 

Blessed with perfect topography for beta testing, Onewheel took everything they’ve learned with prior models, threw it all into a computer, then maniacally iterated with the help of the best riders on the planet until they’d crafted the S-Series.   

It all started as an experiment. The model was originally a prototype for an annual race the company throws — the Race for the Rail — not as a consumer-facing product. Essentially, they put together the heaviest deck they could design for their pro team, then let them loose.   

But as the brand tells it, the S-Series performed so well that the excitement was undeniable, the difference profound. In response, Onewheel’s designers knew they had to keep pushing and make it available to the public. 

Photo: Onewheel

Testing, Design, and More Torque

For testing, Onewheel unleashed its best riders on the trails adjacent to its headquarters in the Santa Cruz Mountains. “We could see how much power they were drawing, where and when they needed it, and all of the data mapping out the specific power demands in relation to the terrain,” Doerksen continued. “That process directly told us how to build the S-Series, and continually make it better.” 

So, what’s under the hood? Put simply: More torque. A lot more. 

The development team built a new motor, a completely new drive train, and added much more voltage. The fresh combination yields more power, increased speeds, and greater torque when you need it, like when you’re going up hills or climbing over roots/unexpected obstacles. 

Photo: Onewheel

“It’s not a small increase,” Doerksen reiterated. “It’s a huge increase: 100 percent. It has 100 percent more torque than the GT, which was the most powerful model before the S-Series. It’s ready to go!”

After the prototype was dialed in and its components built out, it was clear that the new design was a game changer. The brand claims that the added torque, especially at speed, makes for a more confident feel that is a perfect complement to an aggressive riding style. But even if you’re just going to the store, the added power yields a stronger, locked-in feeling.

Feeling the Power

To compensate for the vast increase in power, Onewheel’s designer lowered the ride height for more stability and control. They also included a softer, performance-oriented tire that absorbs more shock and vibration. The combination lets riders go up to 25 mph, but with the design tweaks, it still handles better than prior models, even at speed. 

The mix of power, speed, and stability makes the S-Series great for commuting with confidence in the city, or shredding your nearest park or trail. That said, during the concepting phase, the in-house testers would take it for long rides through the Santa Cruz Mountains and the coastal open spaces of Wilder Ranch.

Photo: Onewheel

Mountain bikers and hikers were shocked by the S-Series’ ability to rapidly ascend hills and navigate tricky terrain with confidence. “People couldn’t believe how we were just maching up stuff,” recalled Onewheel’s Director of Marketing, Jack Mudd. “They didn’t know what we were on — but they knew it was crazy.”  

“It’s pretty exciting!” Mudd continued. “I’m stoked to see what the best riders can do in the future as Onewheel keeps becoming more legitimized as a sport. If you’re already into Onewheel, you’re gonna love how this rides. And if you aren’t into Onewheel, you’ll probably love this thing, too. Sure, the Pint is a great entry-level board, but if you love the feeling of carving and being more confident in your turns and rides, the S-Series is in your future.”

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