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Unless you’re a soulless Grinch, it’s hard not to root for a company created by an athlete entrenched within the action sports industry. Ted Ligety is a longtime U.S. Ski Team racer (who’s won two Olympic Gold medals). And he’s created a series of lightweight sunglass with a really cool lens technology, Shred Boost. He’s got all sorts of action sports athletes rooting for him and supporting his Kickstarter campaign, too (Shred Optics currently makes, goggles, helmets and protective gear for skiing and mountain biking).

With the elements always blowing in his face as a ski racer, Ligety has obviously become an expert in eyewear. While racing, he crossed paths with Carlo Salmini, a materials engineer (also an MIT grad). Together, they’ve created the Shred Boost series.

This isn’t another set of throwaway glasses, either, made by an ex-athlete trying to cash in. These things are rad. First, the lenses are Japanese-made urethane that weighs nearly nothing. Shred claims the lenses offer better “optical precision” and increased durability as compared to lenses made from traditional polycarbonate or a material called CR-39. Only a small percentage of lenses are made using urethane, says the company, and Shred liquid casts theirs.

The frames are Italian made and really help solidify this eyewear as a functionally-stylish, lightweight package. Design-wise, they’re svelte, taking away any extras to cut down weight on your face. Plus Shred is using what they’re calling a “specially formulated polyamide,” more than half of which is made from renewable resources. Hey, they’re trying to do good for the Earth here, too.


Shred offers three models: the Belushki (above), the Provocator and the Stomp, with the Belushki being the only polarized model. The Kickstarter campaign is kicking ass. And for good reason. The product is dope.

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