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Sanuk X Surfrider X Nomadix towel

Forget what you thought you knew about thin, ultra-light towels. Photo: Adam Walker/Sanuk

The Inertia

It’s rare that an object as innocuous as a humble towel can reveal a person’s prejudices, but that’s precisely what happened to me when I was solicited to review a recent collaboration between Sanuk and the Surfrider Foundation. Let me back up.

When it comes to my post-surf routine, I have just that: a routine. Slap my changing mat on the asphalt, reach for a towel and dry my face, and proceed to dry and change, same as most, I presume. But, what’s recently come to my attention is I’m a sucker for thick fluffy towels – the kind that feels like you’re shoving your face into a pile of puppies. And I’ve always been under the impression that the more robust the towel, the more absorbent and therefore the more thorough the post-surf dry. Little did I know I cultivated a deep-seated prejudice against thin towels.

Upon further introspection, I can recall countless times I’ve either incidentally purchased or been gifted a flimsy towel and scoffed, “How inadequate for my drying needs.” And yet, I stand before you now (uh, digitally) to profess I’ve changed my tune. There is a thin towel out there that’s arguably better and perhaps even more absorbent than the fluffiest of fluffy towels, as mind warp-inducing as that may sound. Oh, and did I mention it’ll help protect the place that gives you so much joy? It’s true.

Enter Sanuk and the Surfrider Foundation’s “Protect Your Happy Place” towel. Produced by Nomadix, makers of multi-use towels that claim to be “the only towel you’ll ever need,” this little baby is an absolute workhorse. According to Nomadix, the intent behind all of its towels is to be just as comfortable in a yoga studio as a campsite or as the parking lot of your local. Instead of three towels for every activity, you need only buy one, reducing consumption and later waste, plus they’re made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled bottles.


What makes this towel a little sweeter is proceeds support the Surfrider Foundations continued efforts to protect our coasts and beaches. So, you’ll feel dryer, contribute to recycling plastic bottles, and fund coastal conservation efforts, with a single towel. What’s not to love? And if you’re prejudiced against thin, lightweight towels, too, well, this one will not disappoint.

Check out Sanuk and Surfrider’s Protect Your Happy Place towel here.



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