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Smith last chance sale

Smith’s last chance sale looks solid this season. Photo: Smith

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Smith Optics is the O.G. of the ski/snowboard goggle scene. Bob Smith conceived the brand in 1965 by selling his creations from his van on weekend ski trips to Utah and Colorado. Not long after, he developed the first ski goggles, set up shop in Ketchum, Idaho, and the rest is history. Over those nearly 6 decades the company has not only mastered the art of amazing lens tech in Chromapop, they have developed some of the ski and snowboard industry’s finest sunglasses and helmets, too. Add in one of the best warranties in the game, and it’s not hard to see why they have customers coming back time and time again.

That’s why we got a bit excited to hear of their end-of-winter Last Chance Sale. Smith is clearing out the majority of their 22/23 inventory at some incredible deals. Although winter technically ended this past Monday, we still have a long way to go until the snow melts. For those lucky enough to be skiing and riding in California, chances are good that you’ll be able to celebrate the 4th of July on the slopes this year.

With over 150 items offered at a discount, including sunglasses, goggles, helmets, and more, it might be difficult knowing where to start. So we’ve taken the liberty to share some of our favorite pieces that we tried out this year. This sale will only last as long as the supplies do, so if something we recommend turns out to be sold out… better luck next time.


Smith Bobcat ($153)

Like its bigger sibling the Wildcat, the Bobcat follows the latest trend in wraparound sunglasses that all the cool cats are wearing on mountain tops, patios, and everywhere in between.

The Wildcats have been a longstanding top-pick in our Best Sunglasses for Skiing article, with flexy comfort and full-coverage wraparound style for eyeball protection in speed sports. The Bobcats are the same sunglasses in a scaled-down frame for those who might find themselves swimming in the larger Wildcat frame.

With a bonus lens that you can easily swap out, riding or biking at night won’t dry your eyeballs out. They were already good value for what you get, and now for a bill and a half, you’ll have a great set of specs that will last without breaking the bank.

The Bobcats are by no means the only sunglasses on sale, just the ones we know and love. The rest of the sale sunglasses can be found right here.

Find the Bobcat on Smith


Smith Squad ($72)

These bad boys are made for the spring sunshine, with the maximum quantity of Smith steeze. The high tint will keep your eyeballs safe from the long days that the rest of the season has in store (if it ever stops snowing), ensuring the best goggle tan on the mountain. The kit comes with a bonus low-light lens for the random chance it’s cloudy out too, but either way, you’ll be safe and stylin’ well into summer in these. Both lenses make use of Smith’s legendary ChromaPop technology, for maximum visibility and definition.

In addition to the Squad, the Squad XL ($90) and Squad Mag ($144) have also received some steep discounts, for those interested in a larger frame, or those who prefer a magnetic lens.


Find the Squad on Smith

Smith Grom ($54)

Kids need good protection as well, if not even more so than the adults. They have their whole life ahead of them! But they all grow like weeds so why pay full price? This pair is 40% off, so even if it only lasts the rest of the season, it’s money well spent. The next few kids in the hand-me-down lineup will also appreciate it, too. There’s also a non-ChromaPop version for even less if you want to stretch the budget further.


Find the Grom on Smith


Smith Women’s Vantage ($162)

On the helmet side of things, Smith has a ton of different options up for sale. Our favorite brain bucket among them though, had to be the women’s Vantage. Through luck of the draw, I ended up heading to the mountain with my lady-friend’s Smith Vantage rather than my own headgear. I was bummed. I guess I assumed that there would be a stark contrast in the way that these helmets wore. Was it a stereotype to think women may have a softer head or need a “prettier” bucket than dudes? Yes.

She was a good helmet, and treated me well, especially in combo with the 4D Mag goggles. Photo: Steve Andrews

While the men’s Vantage is not a part of the sale, the women’s is, and as I’ve found, it’s a helmet worthy of anyone. Having now tested both versions the only difference I can speak to is the available colors. And if you really didn’t like the colors available, there’s always spray paint. Both styles have the comfort, light weight and adjustable ventilation that make the Smith Vantage stand out. It’s just whether or not a man is man enough to buy a woman’s helmet. All jokes aside, this helmet will look great, and more importantly do its job, on any human that wears it properly.

Find the Vantage on Smith

But there’s more…

We could go on and on, but probably best for you to go check it all out yourself. I recommend sooner than later, as this is a classic you-snooze-you-lose scenario. Take advantage of some great deals to stock up for the spring and summer to keep your eyes and noggin safe and stylish for the sunny days ahead.

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