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The Inertia Holiday Gift Guide: Winter Snow Gifts

From steezy Pit Vipers to Fjallraven’s latest parka, there’s a gift in here for just about anyone who loves the snow. Photo: The Inertia

The Inertia

‘Tis the season to get gnarly. For those who love mountain sports, snow is welcome addition to the weather forecast. If they’re passionate about skiing or riding, they’re also likely passionate about having the right gear to send hard and stay protected from the cold, damp conditions that come with playing outside in the winter.

Getting gifts for this person may seem daunting. For someone who is serious about snowsports, it’s likely they’ve covered their bases for riding in style. But that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of other great gifts that can complement their riding experience. The following is our list of gift ideas for the avid snowboarder, skier, or really anyone who likes to be outside in the mountains in the winter. From simple accessories to game-changing innovations, our snow-lover’s holiday gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for any budget.

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Fjallraven Nuuk Lite Parka

Fjallraven Nuuk Lite Parka

A lighter version of the marquee Nuuk Parka, the Nuuk Lite is designed with a bit less insulation for a wider array of applications beyond just below-freezing temps. A long cut covers the bum and thighs, making the parka great for sitting on frozen or wet benches, and helps seal in the warmth. Waterproof, windproof, yet breathable, the Nuuk Lite is a great option for beating back the elements whether they’re out walking city streets or making the trek from car to cabin in the mountains. Copious pockets store all of their essentials and recycled face fabric builds out the Nuuk’s durable shell. 

Find the Nuuk Lite on Fjallraven

Pit Viper Blacking Out Admirer

Pit Viper: The Blacking Out Admirer

Even if you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, Pit Viper’s The Blacking Out Admirer Sunglasses let you wear it on your face. According to the brand, these shades are designed to “make love to your eyes,” and come fully equipped with “69 gnar points,” whatever that means. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that, for all that steeze, they only cost 69 bucks. And to cap it all off, they’re durable enough to make you (’cause let’s be real, gifted or not, you’ll be borrowing these) the life of the party again, and again, and again. 

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Nidecker Supermatic Bindings

Nidecker Supermatic Bindings

Convenient and easy to use, Nidecker’s Supermatic Snowboard Bindings are a dual-entry automatic binding setup that makes strapping in a breeze. Via Nidecker’s marquee Drop In Tech, the Supermatics let you strap in from the front or the back, and the bindings automatically close to lock boots in place. Due to this ease of use, they’re a good choice for riders who want a versatile, mid-flex binding that provides stability and control, whether in pow or on icy terrain. Offering a heavy-duty, solid feel, the Supermatic is super comfortable and primed for use in mixed conditions at the resort or in the sidecountry.  

Learn More on Nidecker

ignik topside heated blanket

Ignik Topside Heated Blanket

There are a ton of situations where a heated blanket will come in handy. Sometimes the pass is closed and you have to wait it out in your car til they clear the roads. Maybe you’ve made an early rush out the door to beat traffic and are now waiting for the lifts to open. Or maybe you just want to cozy up with a hot toddy during aprés. Whatever the situation, the Topside Heated Blanket from Ignik is a favorite of ours to warm up in no time. It has time and temperature controls to dial in the comfort, and even works well when not plugged in.

Check Price on REI

Airblaster Ninja Merino Suit

Airblaster Ninja Suit

We all need a good baselayer out on the slopes. Airblaster has taken that further and made a one-piece that will keep you warm, yet still hold enough flex to give freedom to move. The Ninja Suit is also breathable enough to avoid sweat collecting, ensuring that, even in the dead of winter, skiers and riders will feel warm and cozy throughout the day. It comes with a zipper around the midsection should nature call, allowing you to do your business and keep shredding without much hassle. The suit comes in both a lycra/polyester version and also in Merino wool for a less smelly experience.

Find Airblaster on Evo

evo workwear beanie

Evo Workwear Beanie

Not all gifts have to come with a hefty price tag. And the Workwear Beanie from Evo comes in at a cool 10 bucks, but still provides the warmth needed to keep one’s noggin warm all winter. With 30 percent Merino wool, it’s sure to keep heads warm in whatever conditions are out there, whether roaming through snowy streets or puffing up the skintrack before the sun comes up. A great stocking stuffer for those who appreciate a good beanie, or anyone really.  Because who doesn’t need an extra beanie as winter rolls around?

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TNF Thermoball Booties

The North Face ThermoBall Traction Booties

Good boots make all the difference for a day on the hill. Good booties, however, will extend that day well into the night while giving your feet some room to move around without the constraints of a heavy boot. For that purpose, we love the Thermoball Traction Booties from The North Face.

The 100 percent recycled ripstop uppers are easy to slip on and off, and with a 40 percent recycled rubber outsole one can still walk around without too much risk of slipping. It’s a great bootie to wear after the slopes, or simply to cozy up by a fire. They’re packable, too, so they can brought on fun backcountry missions to a remote cabin for relaxing after a long day of skinning to get there. For more options, check out our guide to the best camping slippers.

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Dakine Deluxe Tune Kit

Dakine Deluxe Tuning Kit

A well-tuned board or pair of skis can make all the difference. Problem is, it’s an expensive habit if you’re stopping by the local shop on the regular. With the Dakine Deluxe Tuning Kit, you give your favorite shredder the gift of a closer relationship with their skis or board while also saving money. It’s a win-win situation! We still recommend getting a good tuneup from a professional every once in a while, but this kit will help maintain bases in between major tunes, allowing for a more consistent experience while at the same time saving some of that precious hard-earned money. Plus, there’s just a bit more satisfaction when you’re able to keep things gliding great under your own power.

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Nomadix Bandana Towel

Nomadix Banadana Towel

A bandana is a great accessory to the riding experience, keeping snow out of the jacket while also protecting the face. But a traditional cotton bandana won’t do – it easily gets wet, thus becoming a haven for cold and ice. We are big fans of the Bandana Towel from Nomadix, which offers the quickly-becoming-legendary material found in their beach towels in a bite-sized bandana form. Made of a microsuede fabric, it is fast-drying and will protect more than a standard issue bandana, all while providing a number of patterns to suit anyone’s style. Plus, you can use it to quickly clean your gear should you need it… we guarantee at some point, this little guy will come in handy.

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Rocky Talkie Mountain Radio

Rocky Talkie Mountain Radio

Communication is key, they say, and in the mountains it can save a life. It’s incredibly easy to lose sight of someone in the mountain environment with trees, blizzards, and sudden changes in terrain easily separating a crew. That’s why a radio can do wonders for both safety and fun to help you stay in touch with your homies even if they’ve gotten out of shouting distance. Plus, how will you know when to drop and when the camera’s rolling without one? There are a multitude of reasons why having a radio on the mountain is a great idea, but the bottom line is that you’re safer out there with one than without. So for the daredevil on your gift list a set of Mountain Radios by Rocky Talkie just may be the ideal gift. Get yourself one while you’re at it so the two of you can stay in touch.

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Leatherman ARC

Leatherman ARC

Everyone needs a solid multitool for the car, and that goes double for skiers and snowboarders who put their rides through the wringer to get to the mountain on powder days, and have other gear like skis and boards that often need adjusting. Enter the Leatherman ARC, the latest and greatest offering from the legendary multitool brand. With a full complement of their most popular tools, including a bit driver for quick and easy binding adjustments, the ARC kicks things up a notch into the premium category with features like a MagnaCut steel blade, smooth locking functionality on every tool, and Leatherman’s Free technology with magnets that allow for oh-so-satisfying one-handed opening.

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Line Bacon Skis

Line Bacon Skis

Line’s Sir Francis Bacon skis have been a top-choice for all-mountain freestyle skiing for years, and this year they’ve received a revamp, dropping the old white guy name in favor of something tastier: Bacon. They’ve been beefed up slightly to accommodate for a wider array of conditions, coming in both 108 for all-around shredding and 115 underfoot for the deeper stuff. A symmetric flex rides the same both forwards and backwards, and thick sidewalls maintain durability for the park, letting you ride wherever and however you want, all over the mountain.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for reading! For more great gift ideas, check out our Holiday Gift Guide for Surfers and our Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoors. For more gear reviews and features on The Inertia, click here.

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