Meet the top dog in electric bikes, the Murf Alpha. Photo: Murf Electric Bikes

The Inertia

Editor’s note: This piece was created in partnership with Murf Electric Bikes, the original electric cruiser. Learn more about their insane products here.

I’m flying. Pushing 20 miles per hour on El Camino Real with just over an hour to dip my toes in the ocean for a surf then book it back up the trail. Ostensibly, I’m riding an electric cruiser, but there’s little that’s cruisey about my velocity. I’m hauling ass, wind hitting my face, contact lenses drying as I squint with a smile on my face. Partly due to the sheer fun of soaring down the road on an electric bike, wind in my sails. And partly due to the knowledge that I’ll hit the sand at Upper Trestles with ample time to chase waves.

Electric bikes are having a bit of a moment these days. Especially at surf locales that require a walk down a trail to get to the waves. And that’s for good reason – electric bikes mob uphill like it’s no thing, are often outfitted with thick knobby tires to handle dirt and sand, and, when equipped with a board rack, are arguably one of the most convenient (and least sweaty) modes of independent transport.

On a recent morning in San Clemente, I had the opportunity to test the Murf Alpha made by SC-based e-bike manufacturer Murf Electric Bikes and can say honestly the power of the thing blew me away.

Murf is one of the first companies to take the burly e-bike concept and merge it with the bicycle of choice for decades up and down the coast: the humble beach cruiser. As any bike aficionado (electric or not) will tell you, geometry is a key consideration when it comes to any bike purchase. There’s a reason, for example, bike racers sit forward, hunched over their forearms and handlebars as they propel themselves forward. It’s efficient. But, seeing as most of us aren’t Lance Armstrong, the typical beach cruiser’s geometry maximizes comfort with sweeping handlebars that keep you upright and a cushy seat for butt padding.

Murf’s Alpha, and all of their bikes for that matter, take the tried and true comfortable ride of the beach cruiser shape and soup it up with bigger, burlier tires, and an electric motor that totally hauls.

The Alpha specifically has a single speed so no fussing with gears as you ride, has a 25-40 mile range per charge depending on rider weight, has a max speed of 28 miles per hour, and a two-year warranty that’s best in class.

The Murf Alpha rules the road. Day or night. Photo: Murf Electric Bikes

What I loved most about the Alpha was that unlike other e-bikes that are either strictly pedal-assist or throttle-only, the Alpha can switch between both effortlessly. So, for super steep hills you can pedal with the help of the high torque mid-drive motor. But for flatter pursuits, you can stop pedaling and just cruise.

The control screen is also a huge plus as it’s super easy to use, high contrast so even in bright sunshine it’s easy to see, and gives you all the info you need about your speed, battery charge, and more right at your fingertips.

And for night riding, the Alpha comes equipped with a headlamp that’s powered by the bike’s battery and is five times more powerful than the average bike light.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the ultimate rig to up your local surf mission game, there ain’t a more handsome and burly option on the market than Murf’s top dog: the Murf Alpha.

The Murf Alpha retails for $2,799 and comes in your choice of five colors, with financing options available. Murf is also running a Black Friday sale on November 29th online and in-store at their flagship location in San Clemente. Learn more here.


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