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The Inertia

Why is it that the best inventions are typically the simplest solutions to universal problems? Case in point, this tiny little device that purportedly solves one of the most standard irritations of all snowboarders of any ability level riding a resort – dangling your legs on a chairlift with no footrests, one leg weighed down by your board pulling on your knee and ankle.

The RideEasy portable footrest and lock is straightforward enough. Essentially it attaches your front binding to the bar of the chair via sturdy cord so as to take all the stress off your lead foot. It also frees you from relying on putting your rear binding on your back foot to balance out the weight of your board, which can be irritating for others on a crowded chair.

It isn’t perfect. The device requires you to be riding a chair with a bar and no footrest and to pull down the bar – which for the total introvert might require *gasp* asking the person next to you if it’s cool if you pull it down. Still, if you’ve got a bad ankle or knee, this might make things a little easier.


The RideEasy also doubles as a lock so you can secure your stuff at lunchtime or during an extended aprés at the lodge bar.

With 23 days to go on its Indiegogo campaign, RideEasy has already reached 85% of its $15,000 funding goal. A lot of sore knees and ankles are soon to be relieved.