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It's like wearing a towel...but as a short sleeve hoodie and shorts!

It’s like wearing a towel…but as a short sleeve hoodie and shorts!

The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This feature is sponsored by our friends at Bearded Goat.

There’s something about the transition between leaving the ocean and re-entering real life that’s just plain hard. Ocean and surfing equal fun. Unrestricted freedom. Without getting too heady, it’s not just the act of gliding across the water. It’s also literally floating in it. All that watery ocean up in and around your body feels nice, amiright? Then, inevitably, the session must end. Maybe it’s time for a call. Some emailin’. A lunch meeting, if you will. And you will. So that transition from ocean water and sand to human workin’ clothes and asphalt arrives like the school bus you didn’t want to catch. But you must.

And that, precisely, is where this new little ditty the folks at Bearded Goat created enters your life. It’s called the P.W.A.H., an acronym for Post-Water Activity Hoodie, and it’s like wearing a towel – but as an outfit!

We gave it a try in the morning after a session at El Porto, and we liked! El Porto, for those who don’t know, is the most consistently disappointing wave in Southern California. There is consistently swell. And it is consistently disappointing. It’s a weird combination. But it is a nice place to begin a day. And that usually challenging transition wherein my still-wet body transitions into uncomfortable workday threads was much more snug with the P.W.A.H.


The outfit isn’t exactly a towel replacement. But it’s close. The 100% cotton absorbs some of that nasty, Porto ocean water from your skin. And the 9-ounce cotton blend is heavy enough to fight off the cool of an early fall dawn patrol. But I could definitely see this thing functioning just fine on a sunny summer day. The pocketed, drawstring shorts are super comfy as well. They fit car keys, wallet, and wax comb like peas in a pod.

It’s got a nice texture to it. Not overly soft, as it’s got a functional drying purpose. It feels substantial. Unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid getting surfboard wax in the armpit zone, but I have yet to find a shirt that has a wax shield, which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be fashionable. And the shorts are a nice length, too. Just above the knee. Where a respectable short should stop in 2018.

If you’re looking for a go-to post surf outfit, this might be your guy.


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