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Kohl Laren considers fighting a “metaphysical path to self-improvement.” If you give that enough thought, just about any athlete can relate to the idea. I’ve personally never treated surfing as my “escape” but I hear it often enough from others to know riding waves does just that for plenty of people; it allows them to escape and recharge. Insert your own passion here: skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, diving, and the list goes on. The simple point is we most likely do whatever it is we do because we believe it makes us a better person. And if in turn we can then go out and use it to help somebody else too, well, even better.

That’s as much as I’ll even try to touch on Kohl Laren’s life experiences though, and what drove him to become a professional fighter. There’s not much anybody besides the man himself can say to do his story justice. You should watch this for yourself. It’s sad, but the message will stick with you.

Note: You can learn more about Kohl’s fundraising campaign here. He’ll be traveling and fighting, donating the proceeds from his fight purses to local orphanages and teaching kids along the way they can overcome by embracing the pain. 


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