Hurricane Dorian Destruction Bahamas

This is just one of the many scenes of destruction coming out of the Bahamas this week. Here’s how you can help those affected by Hurricane Dorian. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Inertia

The island nation of the Bahamas is currently reeling after Hurricane Dorian wrought destruction there over the weekend and early this week. Beginning Sunday, the storm effectively stayed put over the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama Island for two days before heading toward the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. The New York Times reports that more than 10,000 homes were likely leveled by the storm. At least seven people were killed, and authorities say that number is likely to rise in the coming days.

Relief efforts are currently underway with a number of organizations on the ground in the Bahamas assessing need and providing support. Here are a few ways to help those affected:

Waves for Water 

U.S.-based Waves for Water is currently mobilizing a relief effort aimed at providing water filtration systems to those in need. “Our initial goal, as with any relief initiative, is to mitigate suffering by providing victims with access to safe water through the strategic implementation of water filtration systems, crucial in preventing the spread of waterborne illnesses,” explains W4W’s website. “Our goal is to get as many clean water filtration systems on the ground as possible.” Waves for Water is asking for donations to support their efforts. Learn more here.

Sol Relief 

Sol Relief uses small aircraft to fly supplies to remote areas impacted by disasters. The organization is seeking experienced pilots to volunteer to fly in supplies and has created a list of supplies for those in the Florida area wishing to make in-kind donations.

Global Giving

Global Giving is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform that supports vetted non-profits operating in specific areas around certain causes. They’ve created a Hurricane Dorian relief fund aimed at raising $2 million to support organizations currently on the ground in the Bahamas.

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen is a non-profit started by chef José Andrés that provides food to victims of natural disasters. They currently have a team on the ground in the Bahamian capital of Nassau and will soon begin setting up kitchens on the islands most affected. Learn more here.

Yacht Aid Global

“Operation Topaz” is currently underway as Yacht Aid Global coordinates with marine vessels near the Bahamas to deliver aid to impacted areas. The organization is seeking additional vessels for aid delivery, in-kind, and monetary donations. Learn more here.

The Red Cross

According to the New York Times, the Red Cross currently has 200 volunteers in the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama. The most urgent needs are shelter, food, water, medicine, and communications. More info here.

Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon is an organization comprised of military veterans that provides disaster relief. They are currently in the Bahamas.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army’s Bahamas branch works closely with the government’s National Emergency Management Agency. Prime Minister Hubert Minnis directed people wishing to help to donate to the Salvation Army.

Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation

The Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation was set up by the Grand Bahama Port Authority and offers suggestions on how to help and where those interested can donate supplies in the U.S.


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