Kelly Slater getting barreled at Surf Ranch in Continuance

A charitable contribution could put you right here. Photo: Continuance/Vimeo

The Inertia

Over the past several years, SurfAid has taken to running what have to be some of the most enjoyable fundraisers in the world: their hallmark SurfAid Cup events. Think team contests where the points don’t really matter and you get to surf a typically crowded break with just a few fellow competitors.

SurfAid’s held contests in the U.S. and Australia. And Stateside, events have offered the promise of surfing Pleasure Point and Malibu, often with pumping conditions. This year, though, SurfAid has added a new venue to the schedule that promises to be the most desirable location yet: Kelly Slater’s hallowed Surf Ranch. And the event is open for anyone to surf in, that is if you’ve got the cash.

According to a release from SurfAid, for $5,000 for an individual or $20,000 for a team of no more than 6, anyone can enter the event and surf the longest (and arguably most perfect) man-made wave, at least currently. Net proceeds will go to support SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health programs in rural Indonesia.

The SurfAid Cup Surf Ranch is set to take place June 21. And according to our friends over at SurfAid, two slots remain so if you’re interested best move quickly.

Past events have operated in a tag-team style where each surfer on a team catches one wave and runs into the beach to tag their teammate in. It’s likely that format will be adapted to the unique structure of the Surf Ranch’s wave tech.

Each team also typically features a pro surfer. As of yet, there’s no confirmed roster. Past participants have included the likes of Tom Carroll, Shane Dorian, Mark Occhilupo, Rob Machado, Joel Tudor, Lisa Andersen, and more. Might Kelly Slater make an appearance? June 21 is smack dab in the middle of the Rio Pro waiting period, so who knows?

Day of, spectating will be reserved for friends and family of participants. But, plans are in the works to cover the action live. So check back with us in June!


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