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Time to kick off the start of summer. Photo: Jim Russi.

Time to kick off the start of summer. Photo: Jim Russi.

The Inertia

The summer solstice is here at last! That means today is the longest day of the year and the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. With the beautiful week of swell and perfect weather we’ve had in Southern California, hopefully a few of you have already been taking advantage of the long, sunny days. However, we paired up with our friends at OKIINO to share a few healthy ways to spend the longest day of the year. After all, the sun doesn’t set until 8:08 pm tonight here in California, so you’ve got a whole lot of daylight to burn.


1) Get on a Board

Photo: Jim Russi.

Pro Surfer Emi Erickson, wearing OKIINO multifunctional leggings with UPF 50+ & quick dry technology. Photo: Jim Russi.

“Surfing is one of my favorite forms of expression… the freedom of the ocean, the warmth of the sun. Sometimes it’s nice to get some sun protection, though, for the days when the waves are too good to leave!” -Emi Erickson.


Today is International Surfing Day around the world, so you’re pretty much obligated to grab a quick session before or after work. No matter what kind of board you’re riding, you’ll be glad you got in the water to kick off summer.


2) Go Exploring


Photo: Jim Russi.

OKIINO leggings fit like a second skin and allow you to move freely in the sea and on land. Photo: Jim Russi.

“Being underwater never fails to give a sense freedom and awe, especially with company like this!” -Emi Erickson.

The sun is shining and the water is clear, so there’s no better time to explore. Whether you’re grabbing a mask or just kicking around, you’re sure to find something (or in this case, someone) that makes the day memorable.


3) Hit the Mat

Megan Yoga

“I love my OKIINO leggings for yoga because they stay put & keep me cool.” -Megan McHale. Photo: Jim Russi.

“Yoga is a great way to make your body stronger, while also teaching yourself to relax. Going through the different poses is challenging at times, but it allows you to really push yourself to be a stronger, more powerful you. Since the summer solstice is the longest day of the year, it gives you more time to do what you love!”-Megan McHale.

Yoga is amazing for the body, but it’s also good for the mind. Get yourself in a positive frame of mind today with a quick yoga flow. It will help you enjoy this day, and this summer, to the fullest.



4) Take a Ride

Photo: Jim Russi.

“My OKIINO leggings are great because they effortlessly transition to all my favorite activities and give me the protection I need for the sunny Hawaii days!” -Megan McHale. Photo: Jim Russi.

“Riding my cruiser down the bike path is an amazing way to get some exercise, and to also relax. The bike path is such a peaceful place on the North Shore most of the time, and it makes me feel incredibly calm. And, what better way to spend the longest day of summer than riding your bike and going to the beach?”-Megan McHale

Why drive when you can ride? Make the most of the daylight by reaching for your bike instead of your car keys. It’s good for you and the planet too.


5) Grab a Paddle


Photo Courtesy of OKIINO.

“My OKIINO leggings for paddle boarding because they give me they allow me to move freely on the board and in the water and provide great sun protection.” -Gillian Gibree. Photo Courtesy of OKIINO.

“I love SUP Surfing because you get to be in the ocean enjoying nature. The view from standing on the board (as opposed to laying down) is amazing, especially in beautiful places like Hawaii! You get to work your core the entire time you are paddle boarding. “ -Gillian Gibree.

Whether you’re paddling distance, or SUP surfing, grabbing a stand-up is a great way to get in the water anytime, but especially when the waves are small. After all, the bigger the board, the greater the fun. Or something like that. Plus, paddling is an amazing workout that will whip you into shape.


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