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How toxic is your average day of getting barreled? Photo: Shutterstock

How toxic is your average day of getting barreled? Photo: Shutterstock

The Inertia

We’re constantly presented with tons of (often overwhelming) opportunities to stock up on new gear. But how often do you consider the the toxic ingredients that are harmful to you or the environment when making simple purchases on your way to or from the beach? By the time you’ve gotten yourself to the store, picked out the make, model, color, size and quantity of your new item and handed over enough personal information to warrant some suspicion, checking for toxic ingredients don’t always make it on the to-do list.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite non toxic products that will not only save you some time at the check out line, but will keep you clear of toxic chemicals in our environment and food supply that are linked to the initiation of breast cancer and other harmful diseases. These are all items associated with surfing, or just spending a day outdoors in one way or another. So why not start seeking out the least toxic choices?

BPA-Free Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic Bottle:
Not only are these handy for keeping your drink of choice cold but most importantly they don’t contain harmful cancer-causing toxins. It serves double-duty for carrying hot beverages on chilly dawn patrol sessions.

Badger Organic and Natural Sunscreen:
It’s common knowledge that we need to protect our skin from the sun, but did you know it’s also important to protect yourself from certain ingredients in lotions that could disrupt the hormonal system and boost your risk of skin cancer? When you’re headed out to catch some rays, try a paraben-free sunscreen like this (super affordable) option. The more you know.

Dazzle Stripe “Beech” Towel:
Your ultimate beach companion can be design and earth friendly. Everybody has a beach towel, but do you put much thought into how toxic yours could be? This towel is treated with an antimicrobial technology that helps prevent the growth of a wide array of bacteria.

Elemental Herbs Spearment Lip Balm:
The dreaded lip sunburn. Don’t let it happen to you. Keep your lips protected and hydrated with an all natural, SPF 15, Vitamin E-packed lip balm and face the sun with confidence.

EiR Cooling Butter:
After a long day in the water, your muscles need a cool down. Find a cooling butter that uses no chemicals, parabens or artificial fragrances and caters to an active lifestyle. It’s also perfect pre-yoga companion to help your muscles warm up, flex and heal faster.

Panama Hat:
Look for one designed with techniques that don’t harm our planet or its workers. The Greenpacha hat, for example, supports Ecuadorian artisans who craft with surf, adventure and healthy living in mind.

For those on the US East Coast hoping to learn more about the Non Toxic Revolution, come to their poolside party at the The Montauk Beach House.


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