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With Dr. Eric Goodman at Foundation Training's Carpenteria, California base camp.

With Dr. Eric Goodman at Foundation Training’s Carpenteria, California base camp.

When you arrive at Dr. Eric Goodman‘s Carpenteria home and Foundation Training base camp, you’re instantaneously at ease. It’s mostly the super-relaxed vibe Goodman and his business partners/friends emanate as they stroll barefoot along the patio. (The dogs running up and down the stairs have a little to do with it, too.) Or it might be the fact that his whimsical home is tucked away behind Hass avocado fields, a good distance off the Pacific Coast Highway where the rustling leaves and treetop view make you forget about the California traffic. Whatever the reason, you’re damn happy to be there.

And that’s what Goodman’s revolutionary Foundation Training is all about: being happy. By isolating your back muscles with exercises employed to disrupt natural tendencies that keep you slouched, the good doctor strengthens your core, relieving back pain and providing a foundation that inspires improved performance (and ultimately, a better life). From the world’s most exciting surfers in Lakey Peterson and Dane Reynolds to legends Kelly Slater and Tim Brown, Dr. Goodman is doing his darnedest to keep you charging, paddling and in the lineup rather than dealing with avoidable aches and pains. And from the looks of his students, he is doing a hell of a job. Watch above as The Inertia invades Goodman’s homestead to find out more about the mind and body benefits of Foundation Training.

Dr. Eric Goodman, the man behind Foundation Training. Photo: Dan LeMaitre

Dr. Eric Goodman, the man behind Foundation Training. Photo: Dan LeMaitre

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This story is brought to you by vapor-distilled smartwater, who found unique inspiration for their water by looking up to the sky. We hope the change in perspective this piece offers will help inspire you.


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