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Rochelle teaches a yoga class for Keep a Breast.On another gorgeous fall morning on the North Shore, I rode my bike down to my friend Red’s house at Waimea. He is an amazing photographer and artist. More importantly, he loves to help women express the goddess within through photography and nature. Red Mahan is always making us cacao with coconuts, bananas, and mango, and swimming in the ocean with the turtles and dolphins. After eating some fresh fruit and exchanging ideas with Red, I always leave feeling grounded and refreshed. A visit with him is the best therapy in the world for stress and rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul. This particular day I met some women who have been friends with Red for years. One of them, Illana Fernandez, was visiting from Maui. He suggested we meet and exchange ideas and create an event at my new retreat center.

The timing and focus of us meeting was perfect for a Keep A Breast event, as it was nearing the end of October, which is breast cancer awareness month. What a great opportunity to spend a day with women sharing ways to be healthy, active, and aware of different means of breast cancer prevention. We called the day Fit For A Goddess.

The day consisted of a yoga workshop using the YogAlign technique, creating awareness of breathe, movement, structural alignment, breaking old patterns, creating new ones, chi gong, and self-massage.

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