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Photo: Shutterstock

The Inertia

Up until now, you’ve probably only used peanut butter in the kitchen. You might be familiar with combinations like peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and banana. Well here’s a new one: peanut butter and beard.

Yep, peanut butter (creamy not chunky) can be used as a super effective shaving cream. Peanut butter is packed with natural oils that moisturize and condition the skin, and these oils act together as an effective barrier between the skin and the razor. Plus, the peanut butter leaves behind a nutty, but not overbearing, scent after you’re finished, and you won’t even need a lotion to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.

To use, just apply peanut butter to the area as you would a shaving gel. Shave normally and rinse after. This health hack couldn’t be any simpler. As an added bonus, peanut butter is a LOT cheaper than shaving cream. You can channel that cash toward your food budget… so you can eat something besides PB & J’s.


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