The Inertia

You may have heard of Dr. Rhonda Patrick through The Joe Rogan Experience, The Tim Ferriss Show, or on her own podcast, FoundMyFitness. She’s done research on and has interviewed some of the top scientists in their field about things like breath work, sauna, training, fasting, and more, and she’s one of the most notable experts on health today.

Rhonda and I actually know each other from teaching surfing together at the Surf Diva Surf School in our early twenties. We reconnected a year ago when I was researching a story about Wim Hof. I love how she takes complex scientific studies and puts them into plain English so more people (like myself) can understand them.

Here, we talk about everything from health hacks to increase performance on the road or trail, how she got the wild idea to create her own site full of health and science information instead of going the traditional route of working towards tenure at a university, and how she got the attention of influencers in the field.


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