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Laird's creamer knows what's up. And if you order it at a restaurant, the receipt says Laird's Cream. We know firsthand.

Laird’s creamer knows what’s up. And if you order it at a restaurant, the receipt says Laird’s Cream. We know firsthand.

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As the long days of summer give way to the cooler temps of fall, many outdoor athletes are gearing up for the large swells and epic snowfall associated with winter. Staying healthy is essential for anyone looking to maximize time on snow or in the water during the short and often grey days of fall.

Living an active lifestyle is an essential part of overall well being; Regular exercise, diet, and adequate sleep are just some of the basic elements of boosting both mental and physical health during the winter. However, with winter also comes decreased vitamin D for many regions, nasty cold and flu viruses, and shorter days that often impede on one’s exercise routine. All of these can lead to an increased chance of illness, which for the winter sports enthusiasts can mean less time to enjoy epic days on the mountain or surfing winter swells.

Luckily, for anyone looking to boost their immune system during the nastiness of colder weather, there are a number of products that have been developed for athletes that will help keep you active and healthy this winter. Here are five products that will help bomb-proof your immune system and keep you at the top of your game.

Kung-Fu time!

Kung-Fu time!

Kung Fu Tonic

Created by surfer and Laguna Beach, California, local Kung Fu Eddie this tonic packs a punch. The original recipe was created by Eddie’s grandmother to be an all-around illness fighting immune booster. Packed full of organic and raw ingredients like apple cider vinegar, ginger, oregano oil, cayenne, and more, this mighty elixir features antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial ingredients. Unlike many supplements and elixirs, Kung Fu Tonic tastes awesome and is the perfect way to keep colds and the flu at bay.

Photo: Hanah Life

Photo: Hanah Life

Hanah One

The goodness goop that is making waves in the outdoor industry, Hanah One is an all-around immune and energy booster. Endorsed by outdoor icons like Jimmy Chin and Ian Walsh this daily superfood hosts a number of health and wellness benefits. Hanah One is an Ayurvedic superfood supplement, Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic healing system based on the mind, body, spirit connection. While some serious fitness buffs might scoff at more holistic approaches to supplementation, they shouldn’t, as the ingredients in Hanah One like turmeric, mung bean, ghee, licorice root, honey, and cinnamon are common health supplements. The black tar like appearance can be initially off-putting, but Hanah One actually taste pretty good and the endurance benefits will be immediately noticeable.

Laird Superfood Performance Mushroom Blend Powder

Mushrooms host a myriad of health benefits, and if anyone is serious about finding peak performance in supplementation it’s Laird Hamilton. The Laird Superfood Performance Mushroom Blend Powder is an awesome immune booster for the winter athlete that wants an easy way to stay healthy and boost endurance. The mushroom blend powder contains four different mushrooms that each have their own health benefits including cordyceps for endurance, chaga for recovery, lion’s mane for brain health, and maitake for immune health. If you aren’t currently using mushrooms as a natural immune system booster then you aren’t maximizing your immune health. Throw the Laird Superfood Performance Mushroom Blend into your favorite smoothie and charge hard all day.

Bonafide Drinkable Vegetables

The bone broth trend is sweeping the nation, but unless you live next to an artisan bone broth pop-up in Brooklyn, it may be challenging to incorporate bone broth into your daily supplement regimen. Thankfully the good folks at San Diego-based nutrition and juice company Bonafide have you covered. Created by two nutritionists and a chef, the team at Bonafide Provision created their Drinkable Vegetable line for active on the go types who want to combine the powerful punch of bone broth and veggies. Drinkable Veggies are 100 percent organic and pack 6-11 grams of protein into each serving making them ideal for athletes that are looking for post workout protein to aid in recovery.

Organic Food Bar – Active Greens

There will be days this winter that are so epic you won’t have time to make smoothies or worry about supplements, and for those days there are Organic Food Bars Active Greens. Pumped full of organic plant-based protein and immune boosting ingredients like organic spirulina, gluten-free wheat grass, blueberries, raspberries, and so much more, these tasty bars are great to keep in your car, your pack, or just to snag while running out the door for waist deep powder. Greens are essential to immune function, and while fresh greens are always best, the Active Greens bar keeps your immune system firing on all cylinders when you don’t have time to prep a meal. For active winter athletes, a do-it-all protein and immune-boosting bar will keep you stronger and on the mountain longer.


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