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Long after the party’s over, the effects of drugs can linger in your body. But exactly how long? That’s a question we’re looking at.

There are three standard ways to measure what chemicals are in the human body: urine, blood, and hair. Not coincidentally, that’s how most tests are done for drugs and alcohol. It’s not surprising then that most substances linger in hair follicles for at least 90 days. And Business Insider recently released a quick study on how long it takes these substances to exit our systems.

Suprisingly, LSD actually leaves the body the fastest, only lingering in blood samples for three hours, and in urine and hair samples for three days. Marijuana, on the other hand, takes weeks to exit the body, hanging around in blood samples for a whopping 336 hours, in urine for 30 days and hair for 90 days. That’s because THC is fat soluble and is stored in the fat cells of the body.


Take a look at this chart from BI. Regardless of what you’re taking, the body has to work to get rid of it.



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