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The Inertia

The modern surfer is at the forefront of health awareness. This is not merely what superfoods you put into your body and how you exercise, but also being conscious of what sorts of sunscreen you put on your skin, the type of air you breathe. Additionally, the modern surfer has taken on a responsibility of leading their community and promoting world health.

From stoners to health enthusiasts, surfers’ attitude towards health and exercise has evolved. These days, the likes of Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton lead the transformative approach to making sure we’re in the best shape possible for when paddling out. For my entire life, my dad has talked about eating organic, with everything in moderation, and avoiding chemicals and pesticides when possible (GMOs in particular). But it wasn’t until I turned 30 that it hit me like a ton a bricks — pops was right! We truly are what we eat. And suddenly health is king. Being an aging pro surfer, you’re always looking for an edge. Fueling your body with premium food is the easiest way to stay on top of your game.

Why eat organic? It’s as simple as not wanting to gargle a few sips of RoundUP from your shed. Herbicide and Pesticides (sprayed on 95% of non-organic foods) are proven to be deadly. So you can really pick (or not pick) your poison. And on a less selfish side, organic farming is Earth-friendly. The birds and the bees will thank you later.

There’s food, and then there’s crap — crap is not the way to fuel our bodies. The fresher the better: directly picked out of a garden, freshly caught from the river or sea, or recently bought from a local butcher or dairy. Here in Hawaii we’ve got a lot of local farmers markets packed full of superfoods. Island wide, farmers are growing local organic vegetables and fruits and raising healthy, additive-free poultry, meats, and dairy. (And a great plus is that the carbon footprint is astronomically lower on foods grown around your home.) I like to stay in the know about what is in season, and keep a constant supply of greens for salads, smoothies, or whatever else I happen to be cooking. You may not have a farmers market in your community, but I do recommend looking for local and organic at your grocery store as much as possible.


Source smartly. Photo: Hale Halawai

Source smartly. I shop at the Hanalei Farmers Market whenever I can. Photo: Hale Halawai

Superfoods are something I’m constantly consuming and I know their popularity is gaining a lot of momentum! Here are the most powerful ones that I’ve found effective:

MACA – Dubbed the fountain of youth. I buy mine from Sol Raiz and put in smoothie or Acai bowl.

Turmeric – I travel with organic soft jell pills you can find at your local health food store, but I also like to get fresh and put directly in smoothies. or in a curry or stir fry .

Coconut Oil – Great for cooking with, excellent for skin and highly nutrient rich. I like to put coconut oil in smoothies to start my day with a BANG.

Hemp Seed – Lots of protein. Good on salads and in fruit.


Chia Seed – Rich in Omegas Vitamins, full of fiber, perfect for smoothes or salads.

Chlorella – This is a cleanser, and taken first thing in the morning it can help pull toxins from your body!

Know your body and what foods make you feel healthy and fit. If I eat at McDonald’s I feel like a truck hit me; so I choose to eat and drink foods that make me feel alive and vital. Let’s collectively eat better and in doing so protect and rebuild our environment, ultimately elevating our surfing and state of being.


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