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Editor’s Note: Enroll in Jaimal Yogis’ Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness here. The Inertia readers get a 10% discount with code INERTIA10.

If the last twelve months have taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. As we’ve all navigated quarantines, limited social interactions, and fallout from a pandemic in our own unique ways, the importance of strengthening our cerebral chops has become abundantly clear. Finding and maintaining inner peace through challenging times can feel intimidating and isolating. In that spirit, we’re excited to partner with acclaimed author, surfer, and yogi, Jaimal Yogis to launch his brand new Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness.

This course is a great entry point if you’ve never meditated before, and it’s also valuable if you’ve been meditating a long time and reached a plateau,” says Yogis. “There’s almost no better feeling in the world than breaking through fear or something that’s been holding you back.”

“The moment where you can make space between your circumstance and your reaction is where this gets really valuable,” says Jaimal Yogis. “I’ve found that mindfulness can enhance your appreciation of the things you love and offer tools to navigate challenges, too.”

Jaimal Yogis’ new online class teaches essential tools to meditate, live more mindfully, and strengthen your cerebral chops to access your highest self in 17 video lessons that include 8 guided meditations. Whether you’re just beginning your meditation and mindfulness journey and looking for guidance from an expert or you’re an experienced yogi at a plateau, Jaimal’s tried and tested techniques will help you expand your toolset to navigate rough seas.

“When I started mindfulness and meditation, it felt really fringe,” says Yogis. “Now, NFL football teams are practicing mindfulness, and doctors prescribe it regularly for pain. Psychologists recommend that their patients do some mindfulness practice. That’s because we have so much data on how valuable mindfulness is for your health and wellbeing.”

“The methods we’ll be using are ones that after 25 years of meditation, I still come back to most regularly. My life has become so much richer because of these techniques, and I’m super excited to share them with you.”

Jaimal Yogis Surfing Sillhouette Hooded Wetsuit

Acclaimed author, surfer, and yogi, Jaimal Yogis is excited to release his brand new course on meditation and mindfulness. Photo: Kyler Vos

Editor’s Note: Enroll in Jaimal Yogis’ Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness here. The Inertia readers get a 10% discount with code INERTIA10.


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