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It doesn't matter if it's only 2 foot. You're still getting barreled. Photo: Korduroy TV.

It doesn’t matter if it’s only 2 foot. You’re still getting barreled. Photo: Korduroy TV.

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“One of the most amazing things about body surfing is that you can use your whole body, and torque your body, and flex your body. It’s a pretty amazing feeling.”

Body surfing might be the most overlooked surf workout ever. Sure, surfing is a great workout, in theory. Except for when it’s small. Or when there are a ton of lulls. Or when you’re surfing a wave that breaks close to shore. Or…you get the idea. The point is that yes, sometimes surfing is a great workout. Other times, it’s kind of just bobbing in the water.

If you’re looking to find another way to get active in the ocean, body surfing is a great option. You’re forced to swim (a lot) which burns major calories, you can get barreled when it’s 2 foot, and you have the best possible excuse to rock a leopard print speedo. Not to mention Keith Malloy does it, and he makes it look pretty damn fun. Watch below to see Malloy explain the basics of body surfing and share why he loves it. You’ll be reaching for those fins in no time.

Video: Korduroy TV


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