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The Inertia

Laird Hamilton is 56 years old. That’s not young, by any means, but it’s also not exactly old. By the time most people reach it, though, they’re not the spry young things they once were. Sore backs, creaky knees, swollen joints — all things that are just part and parcel of turning slowly into the Crypt Keeper. Depressing? Maybe. But if you treat yourself right, stay active, and don’t give in to the grasping fingers of Father Time, you might be able to spend your twilight years doing fun stuff instead of folded over at the waist at a card table trying to muster up the strength just to take a dump. Laird Hamilton is determined to keep doing fun stuff for as long as humanly possible. He’s so determined, in fact, that a lot of the things he does in order to keep being able to do that fun stuff is likely not very fun at all. Like dragging logs through the sand or riding an exercise bike in a sauna so hot he needs to wear oven mitts. Listen as he talks to Joe Rogan, another man who’s getting up there, about various health-related things on The Joe Rogan Experience.


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