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Photo: Screenshot TED x Maui.

Photo: Screenshot TED x Maui.

The Inertia

Archie Kalepa is a true waterman. A 5th generation Lahaina resident, an honoree in the Hawai’i Watermen’s Hall of Fame, and a big wave pioneer, Kalepa is a rare breed. Whether it’s riding the SUP squatch, tandem surfing, canoe surfing, riding massive waves, or spearfishing, Kalepa is almost always in the water. It seems like there isn’t a water sport he hasn’t mastered. However, even with how closely he interacts with nature, he recognizes how far removed we are from it now with modern technology. His perspective is surprising considering the sheer number of hours he has spent in the water, yet it is refreshing to see his astute self-awareness. Watch below to see what Kalepa has learned throughout his lifetime in the waters of Maui.


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