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Saucer Boy, aka the great Shane McConkey

Saucer Boy, aka the great Shane McConkey

The Inertia

It’s no secret that the outdoor world loves whiskey. From river trips to après ski and snowboard and beyond, adventure culture values its distilled spirits. So much so that the industry is more than willing to pay homage: Arbor Snowboards has its own line known lovingly as, the Whiskey.

Well, now, according to several studies recently made public online, you don’t have to feel guilty about your swilling. Yes, and we emphasize, in moderation, whiskey can actually be, dare we say, good for you. The lists vary but here’s our Top 5 health benefits from being a drinker of bourbon. These are actually certifiable so shoot it loud and proud.

Stress Relief

Boom. Take a load off brah! Like most alcohol, whiskey can settle the nerves and relieve stress. And in today’s world, that’s important. The combo of slowing brain activity (ie killing brain cells) and increasing circulation make it easier for you to find your happy place.

Reduces the Risk of Stroke

Strokes are no bueno. Whiskey has a tendency to slow down cholesterol buildup in the cardiovascular system and can actually help remove it all together. Relaxation seems to be a theme here and whiskey actually does this for the arteries, which reduces obstruction. All good for blood flow.

Reduces Cancer Risks

Yep, whiskey has loads of antioxidants. They’re called ellagic acid and those stop DNA from connecting with cancer-causing compounds. And if you do suffer from cancer, whiskey can protect the body from damage during chemo.

Increase Brain Health

Those antioxidants also help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. They can also improve cognitive function. Go ahead, give yourself a shot a day. It’s good for you.

Whiskey Fights the Common Cold

Did granny ever tell you this cause this remedy is straight-up old school? Whiskey is actually a substitute for cough syrup (that’s why they ID for NyQuil nowadays) and for those suffering from cold symptoms it can kill bacteria. Hot water, lemon, shot-o’-whiskey, meet runny nose. Sleep will never come as easy.

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