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Photo via Instagram @fullyrawkristina

Photo via Instagram @fullyrawkristina

The Inertia

I was as tall as I am now, 5’7”, but I was 87 pounds. It wasn’t because I wasn’t eating; it was because my body was so starved for nutrients”


When Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram was 16, she was diagnosed with hyperglycemia. She endured hospital stay after hospital stay, lost weight, and could no longer do the things she loved. Her life changed when she met a man in a grocery store one day who began to coach her how to eat raw: no animal products or cooked foods. Kristina had to transition from a diet rich in cultural foods, as her mother is Lebanese and her father is Ecuadorian. She was raised on traditional foods, and she had never really incorporated raw fruits or veggies. However, after just 30 days of incorporating raw foods in to her diet, her health began to turn around. She regained her body and her life, and since that time, she has built a brand for herself, Fully Raw. She’s also become the head of America’s largest produce co-op, Rawfully Organic in Houston, Texas.



A raw vegan diet might not be the right choice for everyone, but Kristina’s tale is inspiring. It reminds us of how strong an influence diet has on our wellbeing, and it demonstrates the benefits of channeling nature’s nutrition. Watch Kristina’s sit down with Lewis Howes below to hear her full story and her take on eating raw.




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