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Just another day at the office. Photo: Instagram @gocoboat.

Just another day at the office. Photo: Instagram @gocoboat.

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In theory, co-working spaces are supposed to be dynamic and inspiring. There’s all kinds of entrepreneurs sharing one building, making connections, swapping ideas over coffee, and relishing in the (usually literally) colorful space. However, if we’re being completely honest, a co-working space is still an office, and you still show up to the same spot day after day. Plus, someone stole your parking space yesterday, and your last Diet Dr. Pepper was taken out of the fridge last week. Co-working spaces can be productive, but they can be trying as well.

If you’re looking to work somewhere a little more adventurous, consider moving your work space temporarily (or heck, permanently if you’re really committed) to the Coboat! The Coboat is a floating workspace that let’s you work while you sail the ocean blue. Sounds like an office you’ll never want to leave.

The founder Gerald Schömbs explains it best:

“We call it a coworking space on a boat, but it’s not like a coworking space where you sit on your own staring at a laptop all day. You would miss most of the opportunity you get from the view and the environment and also from your fellow Coboaters. It’s more like a coworking camp, where it’s about collaboration and sharing and getting feedback and making new friends.”

That makes it sound like a pretty legitimate reason to take a working vacation, right?

I mean, look at this guy. Have you ever seen someone so blissfully relaxed at work? Photo: @coboat.

I mean, look at this guy. Have you ever seen someone so blissfully relaxed at work? Photo: @coboat.

After all, you actually can get work done. There’s reliable WiFi, plenty of outlets, tons of seating, and wind and solar generated power. You really don’t need anything else. I mean, that’s about what a typical co-working space provides anyway.

On top of the basic “business” amenities, the Coboat offers a whole lot more fun than the average office space. There are daily yoga classes, scuba diving instruction and equipment, and stand up paddle board instruction and equipment. No doubt, scuba diving is far superior to your usual 3 pm coffee break.

How's this for a week's schedule? Photo: Coboat.

How’s this for a week’s schedule? Photo: Coboat.

Plus, you can feel good that your dream office is also pretty darn good for the planet. The Coboat is exceptionally sustainable (as previously mentioned, it’s solar and wind powered), and the Coboat team is working to achieve a zero carbon footprint.

Where does the boat sail, you ask? Well, this summer the ship will weave it’s way through the gorgeous, blue Mediterranean. So yes, the weather will probably be flawless, the seas will be calm, although sorry, you probably won’t get much surf.

The interesting thing about the Coboat, is that it’s not just a co-working space. It’s also a co-living space. That means you pretty much can’t escape your co-workers, unless you feeling like swimming your way to shore. That being said, I’d think most people would manage to get along while adrift on the Mediterranean. Plus, the boat accommodates 20 people, so you’re bound to find someone who’s on the same page.

Dreamy as it might be, it does come with a price tag of 1,180 Euros per week once the regular schedule begins. However, if you’re looking for a deal, Coboat is offering discounts on its initial voyages, aka Pirate Beta. These first couple weeks are priced at 930 Euros and 980 Euros. Not cheap, but I’d argue that the price is well worth it.

Please, let us know if you set sail! We’d love to hear all about it.


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