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The Inertia

In the age of fake news, it’s hard to cut through the click-bait clutter and find health and fitness advice from people qualified to give it. There’s a difference between would-be authorities – you know, the people who look good in gym mirror selfies and dispense product-placement focused tips to their big Instagram followings – and professionals with years of expertise working at the highest level. Here are four newsletters and blogs from legitimate experts whose writing and insights you can trust:

Found My Fitness

There’s an awful lot of junk science out there, and even more instances of mainstream media outlets misinterpreting the latest studies and extrapolating their results to label certain foods or practices as cure-alls. In contrast, Dr. Rhonda Patrick – a PhD in biomedical science herself – interviews some of the greatest exercise scientists to glean rock-solid practical applications from their latest discoveries. Her newsletter also rounds up the latest health news from around the world (like recent sauna studies from Finland that show how regular heat exposure reduces the risk of hypertension and Alzheimer’s) and answers the “So what does that mean for me?” question that other publications ignore.

Peak Performance

Writer Brad Stulberg and running coach Steve Magness wrote one of the best books of the last year, Peak Performance (which we interviewed Steve about in this story). In their weekly newsletter of the same name, they continue to provide a combination of common-sense advice and cutting-edge research on everything from cultivating positivity to developing winning habits to creating an environment that’s conducive to excellence. Their thinking goes well beyond workouts and into work, everyday life, and mindset as well.

TD Athlete’s Edge

Tim DeFransceso spent six years as head strength coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. He takes the lessons he learned in working with NBA pros like Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash and distills them down into easily digestible takeaways that everyone can implement and benefit from. One of the best things about DiFrancesco’s writing is that he’s not tied to any one system like some of his coaching peers, but rather combines best practices from multiple disciplines to create programs and health, fitness and performance tips that are as usable as they are profound.


For a coach rooted in solid, old-school principles, Stuart McMillan sure knows how to get his message out with new technology. He posts a daily micro-blog via his @fingermash Instagram account, sharing everything from coaching wisdom to philosophical quotes to evidence-based, battle-tested training insights. Describing himself modestly as a “coach of sprinters and other powerful folk,” (one of those sprinters is Usain Bolt’s heir apparent Andre De Grasse), McMillan offers enough simplicity to benefit weekend warriors like me and sufficient depth for competitors and pros as well.


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