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Photo: The Inertia Health.

Photo: The Inertia Health.

The Inertia

Stability is important for surfers. Real important. That’s why we teamed up with Extreme Athletics to bring you both a Dynamic Stability Workout and this normal Stability Workout. These moves will help you stay solid on your board. They’ll also help you pack more power into your turns while maintaining control throughout. Sound good? Good. Give it a shot.

Below are a couple additional tips to help you maintain proper form throughout the movements. Follow these tips to maximize what your get out of each move while minimizing your chance of injury.

TRX Rotational Rows 12 Reps

-The more you lean, the more body weight you’ll cary, so find a spot that’s challenging but doable with proper form.

-Keep the upper traps down. Don’t use your legs, focus on the core, back, and arms.

-Alternate arms each rep.

-This move helps develop upper body stability and strength.

Indo Board Pig Dogs 12 Reps

-Start square, pivot into a lunge, vertically rotate.

-Alternate sides each rep.

-Keep the right leg forward and the left hand down. Then switch to the left leg forward and the right hand down.

-This helps train your balance, stability, and proprioception.

TRX/ Indo Board Split Squats with Rotation 10 Reps Each Leg

-As you lower into a single leg squat push the suspended leg back. Rotate over the front leg.

-This helps improve your stability, control, and balance.

Reaching Opposites 20 Reps

-Work the body opposition. Reach as far forward as you can while pushing the leg back as much as possible.

-Keep a long spine and neck in neutral.

-Maintain control of the body and ball.

-This move trains your proprioception and activates the deep core.

Do this circuit 4 times.

For more from Extreme Athletics, check out their website and Facebook page.


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