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Last year, I did a four and a half day, water-only fast in Santa Rosa, California. Why? Well, I talk about that in the above podcast. What I will share here is that during my stay I met David Goldman, a registered dietician and exercise physiologists who has some wild ideas about training and nutrition for athletes. He eats every other day, loves training barefoot in the snow, loves to lecture on topics like how eating plants can increase sex appeal, and has been hired to teach many of these exact things to top NFL athletes.

Most recently, David has been working ay True North Health in Santa Rosa, CA which is a supervised water fasting center, where he manages the fitness program. In addition to all of this, he also works with professional athletes on plant-based nutrition and uses his intermittent fasting techniques to improve their performance. He is an interesting guy and is always pushing the envelope, testing new ways of using the fuel we put in our bodies.



· You want to try intermittent fasting.

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· You’re interested in improving your mental and athletic performance.

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