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Photo: MuscleWiki.

Photo: MuscleWiki.

The Inertia

When it comes to overall health, you really can’t go wrong with total body workouts. Ultimately, it’s important to be engaging your whole body, that is, the heart, lungs, and major muscle groups, in regular physical activity. This improves your overall health and happiness, and it makes you feel good too.

However, sometimes you just want to get more specific. You want a targeted workout to help you tone one particular muscle group. It might be that strengthening a certain muscle group is helpful for performance in a sport like surfing or snowboarding. Or it might be you just want to tone up an area that needs a little boost.

The tricky thing is, it can be hard to find exercises that target specific muscle groups. Sure, pushups work your shoulders and squats work your legs, but what about your sides or your lower back? There are plenty of smaller, harder-to-reach muscle groups that are begging for a workout too. While you can certainly try to Google these things, putting together a targeted workout for yourself can require quite a bit of effort.

That’s where MuscleWiki comes in. The website allows you to select a muscle group you’d like to work out, and then it provides a handful of exercises to help you target this group. Plus, it even provides GIFs to demonstrate how to perform the movement, rather than just writing out the explanation.


When you enter the site, you simply select male or female. This routes you to an animated human body image, and as you pass your mouse over the body, particular muscle groups light up. You simply click to select the group of your choice, and the website routes you to a series of recommended exercises. Typically about 3-5 exercises pop up with demonstrations. In just one search, you can find an entire mini-workout to help you tone your trouble zones.

In addition to offering targeted moves, MuscleWiki also provides a couple other tools as well. The website offers a calorie calculator that helps you determine what your caloric intake should be to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight based on your sex, age, weight, and height. It also provides a macro calculator that breaks down your daily calories into suggested proportions of carbs, protein, and fat. Finally, MuscleWiki has a one rep max tool.

MuscleWiki is definitely no replacement for a personal trainer, or even a guided workout class. These types of services offer you specific instruction, and they provide real people to help guide you. However, MuscleWiki is a valuable tool for your home workout routine, and it’s a good source of information. It can help you learn exercises you weren’t previously aware of, and it can help you target tricky-to-reach muscle groups.



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