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Photo: @izyhossack.

Photo: @izyhossack.

The Inertia

Saturday morning usually veers one of two ways: it tends to be either your healthiest morning of the week or it’s your cheat day. Some people wake up for yoga on Saturday and follow class with a protein packed smoothie. Other people (like myself) sleep in and walk to grab a donut. This recipe offers a perfect middle ground. It’s not just fruit and greens, but it’s not exactly an apple fritter either. Give it a shot and make the most of your Saturday.



1 large, ripe banana
1½ cups plain yogurt (I used a mixture of half Greek and half regular yogurt)
½ tsp vanilla extract
⅔ cup of granola of your choice
1 recipe of cooled date caramel (see recipe here)




-Slice bananas into quarter inch rounds.


-Mix together the yogurt and vanilla extract.

-Use three small bowls or jars, and layer like this: 2 tsp granola, a few banana coins, 1 tsp date caramel, 2 tbsp of Greek yogurt.

-Top each serving with any remaining granola or bananas.


Note: This recipe was adapted from Top With Cinnamon. For more recipes like this visit www.topwithcinnamon.com.



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